Music and songs

In Wales,

Singing is an important part of the Welsh culture. Early in primary school, children learn to sing and choirs are numerous. They compete against each other during Eisteddfodau and sing together in the chapels.

In the musical field, the Celtic harp is coming back into fashion. Sometimes it is played during poetry recitations. We can find traditional music groups, but also group of rock or techno using the Welsh language.

The annual Gwyl Cerdd Dant is a festival of the voice singing, recitation and also dancing. As with the Eisteddfodau, it moves to a different site every year.

In Brittany,

As well as dance, the Breton music is experiencing a revival and many of the bagadoù compete as well as playing during festivals and in fest-noz.

The bagadoù comprise bombardes, binious (bagpipe) and percussions but also sometimes violin, harps, guitars… The Penn Soner is the main sonneur and directs the other sonneurs (a sonneur is someone playing bombarde or biniou).

The fest-noz and fest-deiz are livened up by some other musicians who take turn through the night: the sonneurs, the singers of kan ha diskan and traditional groups. The sonneurs play wind instruments, often bombarde and biniou. The Kan ha diskan is a way of singing. The kaner starts the sentence alone. The diskaner ends it with the kaner before repeating it alone. The kaner then ends the sentence with the diskanner before starting the next sentence.

The traditional groups became increasingly popular in the seventies. They used traditional instruments. Today, many of them add guitars and synthesizers… Some groups still play traditional music, some other play more “Breton rock” or a mix of music of the world.

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